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Art deco interior design

The art Deco style — from the French art déco, literally “decorative art”) is an influential trend in interior design, architecture, and decorative art that first appeared in France in the 1920s of the XX century and flourished around the world in the 1930s and 1940s.

This trend is called the Golden mean between chic and functionality. Projects in the Art Deco style embody the best of art Nouveau, neo-classicism, and constructivism.

Art Deco is a very popular, incredibly expressive, elegant, recognizable style that has long been loved by many modern designers.

Art deco homes

Art deco homes combine a convenient layout, functionality, and luxurious exterior.

A striking feature of the houses in the style of art Deco is accented by geometric forms, reconciled with mathematical precision. Stepped silhouettes of cottages can be crowned with low pitched roofs or flat roofs with parapets, which give the houses a solid, slightly down-to-earth appearance.

Art deco windows

Art Deco projects usually include large rectangular Windows with a vertical or horizontal orientation. Thin window sashes provide the necessary flow of air and sunlight inside country cottages. A large area of glazing opens the interior of the house to the surrounding landscape.

Ornamental plant motifs, geometric bas-reliefs, stucco friezes with complex patterns, and other elements are used in the design of facades of houses built according to art Deco projects. This gives the exterior of the cottages a bright decorative appearance, which is characteristic of this architectural style as a whole.

Art deco interior

The main features of Art deco interior:

  • a clear pattern in everything;
  • monochromatic interior design: Graphic monochrome combination of black and white is a key feature of the art Deco style. The interior designer must observe the balance of white and black colors, or think of other color variations – white and chocolate, brown and beige, silver-gray, and black.
  • bold “broken” geometry, including ethnic ornaments;
  • asymmetry, streamlining, sinuous lines;
  • an abundance of halftones with rare intersperses of excessively bright colors;
  • the most expensive materials;
  • pretentious luxury, the highest chic design;
  • stylized images of animals, the latest technology;
  • mosaics of wood, glass, stones, stained glass, many mirrors;
  • crystal, expensive tableware, strange Souvenirs from different countries;
  • an abundance of Polish, gloss, and glamour.

Finishing materials in art deco style

Materials used are mostly modern, expensive:

  • ivory, rhinoceros horn, deer;
  • rare types of wood-mahogany, rosewood, Sequoia, moraine oak;
  • reptile skin – snake, crocodile;
  • various metals-aluminum, brass, steel, silver;
  • natural, rarely artificial stone – granite, marble, onyx, travertine, labradorite, slate;
  • ceramics, expensive Wallpaper;
  • drywall, ceiling tiles;
  • transparent, frosted, colored glass.

Art deco ceiling

The Art deco ceiling is whitewashed, made of drywall, including multi-level, decorated with plaster, polyurethane stucco. All this looks best in rooms with high ceilings, but the art Deco style requires space, in small rooms with low ceilings to recreate a complete style match is unlikely to work. Geometric shapes can be emphasized with the help of ceiling borders.

Plastic ceiling sockets, baseboards, corner elements, moldings, and half-columns on the walls can be gilded or bronzed.

Art deco wall decor

The walls are decorated with decorative plasters, silk art deco wall paper with geometric patterns or heraldic ornaments, African patterns, and Oriental hieroglyphs.

The original color will be “zigzag”.

Art deco wall clock will serve as a great addition to the decor of the walls.

Art deco flooring

The floor should be glossy, so it is better to choose a parquet or large shiny ceramic art deco floor tiles for it.

The parquet floor combines several types of wood, from which complex patterns are laid out – with a central symmetry for the entire room or small, repetitive ones. Less often, floors are decorated with stone, since it is very cold, and mirror design is suitable for both the floor and the ceiling, walls, and any furniture.

Art deco doors

Interior doors are preferably double-leafed wooden, paneled, or having inserts of patterned glass, stained glass windows depicting fantastic stories of ancient myths.

Art deco color schemes

Bright colors are possible, but very sparingly – maroon, red, green, blue. Refined options – white and brown interior, a combination of gold and red, black with gold, purple with white. The Art Deco style is characterized by the use of “piano keys” – a combination of wide contrasting colors-when decorating walls and furniture.

The following color combinations are often used:

  • gold with black;
  • white with Golden-brown;
  • white-green with purple-black;
  • chocolate with ivory;
  • beige with noble purple;
  • purple with emerald;
  • antique azure with terracotta;
  • bistre with pale yellow;
  • sand with bronze;
  • gold with wine-red;
  • Wisteria with graphite-black;
  • chestnut with quartz-gray.

As a basis, almost always used Golden, brown, beige shades, complemented by accessories, bright splashes of red, blue, green, purple.

Art deco lighting

Art deco lighting is very important. The smaller the room, the more lamps, and fixtures should be used. This is especially true for “Northern” rooms with small Windows or those where there are no Windows at the all-a dressing room, bathroom, hallway, corridor. The walls are illuminated with art deco wall sconces, sometimes having excessively pretentious forms, art deco floor lamp with large shades on an ornate carved wooden leg or with a base in the form of an ancient Greek statue.

Art Deco lamps unimaginably combine the simplicity and originality of the avant-garde and extravagant originality. All of them must meet several basic parameters.

Art deco ceiling light:

Currently, chandeliers, lamps, and art deco sconces with rectangular, round, triangular, and trapezoidal lampshades are in particular demand.

Sophisticated art deco chandelier with a waterfall of small drops of crystal fit seamlessly into the art deco living room. More restrained versions of the living room design in this style will perfectly complement the moderately intricate wrought-iron chandelier with fabric shades.

Art deco chandelier with multiple tiers and other lighting devices, designed using crystal pendants in the form of spirals, perfectly complement fashionable interiors with catwalks, recesses in the walls, multi-level ceilings, etc.

A beautiful shining art Deco lamps, such as a crystal one, is a great interior item, not just a practical lighting device.

The colors of lamps in this style are snow-white, various shades of gray and silver, sand-beige tones, chocolate and graphite black. Gilding and chrome elements are also often used, and leather and ceramic parts are much less common.

Art deco light fixtures in the bedroom:

For the bedroom, you can choose an intricate and polysyllabic art Deco chandelier made of light translucent colored glass. Also in this room will look good lighting with textile lace lampshades for discreet interior options, and juicy, but single-color options, if the environment has color accents. As additional lighting for bedrooms, offices and living rooms in the Art Deco style, luxury art deco table lamps and art deco floor lamp with stained-glass shades are suitable for antique use.

Small original chandeliers made of crystal and bronze perfectly complement the interior of the hall, corridor or hallway, and large-sized products are perfect for lighting spacious staircases.

Modern art deco furniture

All furniture has smooth lines and rounded corners. From materials, in most cases, an array of natural wood of valuable breeds is used, but sometimes even fiberboard, lined with a veneer made of expensive wood, is allowed.

The main types of wood used for art Deco interior furniture:

  • rosewood;
  • walnut;
  • oak;
  • maple;
  • ash;
  • palm tree.

Chrome, forged, inlaid, and carved parts are also used frequently. Individual pieces of furniture are made of glass, including frosted, colored stained glass. Various types of leather are used for the design of upholstered furniture:

  • traditional: veal, pig, sheep, goat and deer leather
  • exotic: snake leather, crocodile, fish, shark, elephant, Zebra, lizard leather

Various fabrics are used for furniture upholstery: thick jacquard; tapestry; velour; velvet; artificial leather; flock and others.

A lot of art Deco furniture is used: narrow art deco sofa, huge art deco sofa, couches, high beds, armchairs, art deco chairs and art deco coffee table, poufs are present in all rooms. Often furniture is made to order, in single copies or limited series. All furniture is made in the same color, but it is allowed to perform individual elements in a different color scheme, to create several bright accents.

Art deco decor

The decorative design is very diverse. Often there are such items and details:

  • figurines,
  • animal figures;
  • art deco antiques;
  • luxury art deco ceiling fan, candles;
  • art deco mirror on any surface;
  • forged lattices;
  • paintings in carved frames – the larger, the better;
  • decorative ceramic, glassware;
  • souvenir bottles with expensive alcohol;
  • pearls, natural bone, turtle shells;
  • dry bouquets, floral panels;
  • art deco portraits.

Luxurious art deco area rugs, heavy curtains, tapestries, cross-embroidered paintings, gold-embroidered pillows, and canopies with floral ornaments are an excellent addition to the interior.

Art deco bedroom

Art deco bedroom furniture:

Looks good light, high, chest of drawers with art deco cabinet knobs. Lighting above the bedside tables is carried out using a sophisticated form of art deco wall sconce, with shades in the form of flowers. Intricate intertwining patterns on the Wallpaper will enliven the room, and a decorative or electric art deco fireplace will create a sense of warmth and comfort. The ideal bedroom is where two, maximum of three groups of items have the same pattern: the art deco carpet is combined with curtains, ceiling tiles with Wallpaper, art deco bedroom set, and pillows, with upholstered chairs.

Art deco living room

Art deco style furniture: A huge leather sofa will become the compositional center of the Art Deco interior. A medium-sized chest of drawers made of palm wood covered with a thick layer of varnish, an art deco console table, chairs, or Ottomans decorated with Zebra or leopard prints will complement the interior. The middle of the ceiling will be decorated with a large crystal chandelier, and the corners – floor lamps or art deco pendant lights, made in the same luxurious style.

Art deco kitchen

Art deco tile patterns: the floor is made of ceramic tiles in black and white “chessboard”. It can be combined with the same color kitchen apron, contrasting sharply with the art deco kitchen cabinets. Curved countertops, rounded bar counter with art deco dining chairs will perfectly fit into the overall style. The facades of the kitchen cabinets are necessarily glossy, the doors have a glass with engraving or colored stained glass.

Art deco bathroom

The walls are decorated with frescoes that will make this room unique, creating interesting accents.

Art deco bathroom lighting: Stone facing, together with spotlighting, will add even more solidity to the interior. The lighting should be calm and peaceful.

Art deco bathroom tiles:  Monochrome porcelain tiles on the floor of a shared or separate bathroom, especially contrasting with the color of the walls, gives a hint of the Renaissance, and the abundance of art deco bathroom mirror will make the room bright and spacious. The Golden mosaic designating separate areas of the room also looks great.

Art Deco, embodying luxury and glamour, will appeal to fans of classic, Baroque interiors, as well as avid lovers of loft, high-tech or industrial styles. It is chic and, at the same time, bold, luxurious, maximalism. Art Deco is more suitable for a large, spacious house, but the decoration of even a small apartment in this style also looks great. It can be difficult to arrange the entire interior within the framework of art Deco or art Nouveau on your own, so many people turn to professional interior designers for help.

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