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Country style interior design

Сountry interior designs, reflecting the identity of rural homes, is one of the coziest and close to nature. It is based on the comfort, convenience, and naturalness of materials. Depending on the country whose rural spirit conveys country style, it is divided into subspecies (American, English, Italian, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, German, Russian, French, Swedish). But at the same time, it has common features and obeys a single basis.

Country style interior design

Basic principles:

1. Natural color palette. The interior design in the country style uses natural,” natural ” colors and combinations. 

2. Natural materials. Stylistic finishing and decor assume the use of only natural materials. 

3. Identity. Each direction of the country style has characteristic ethnic features peculiar to the area where it originated. Therefore, when choosing English, French or other styles, it is important to correctly convey its inherent national characteristics.

Country-style finish:

 Materials for finishing in the country style are used only natural or carefully imitating them. Glossy and shiny surfaces are inappropriate. So, for walls, a good choice will be a textured coating made by structural plaster, putty, or wall panels made of wood. You can use Wallpaper, but their color should be monochrome. In some subspecies of country style, Wallpaper may contain small colorful patterns or wide stripes.

The ceiling is usually painted or whitewashed. Quite often, to embody the country style, the ceiling is decorated with decorative wooden beams, stained or painted white. Also, the ceiling is often decorated with country style ceiling fans.

As a floor covering, parquet, laminate, or tile are more often used. Additionally, the floor can be decorated with country style rugs, carpets with long pile, striped or Oriental style, as well as animal skins.

french country style area rugs

french country style area rugs
french country style area rugs

The color in the country style:

 Country style in the interior adheres to warm, calm tones. The main colors are beige, brown, white, blue, gray, light green, yellow, and terracotta. In the color design of the interior, a nuanced combination is most often used. The basis of the room is usually filled with light shades, more saturated colors are found in the elements of furniture and textiles. And bright colors are present only as inclusions on the elements of the decor.

Country style lighting:

The perception of a country interior directly depends not only on the furniture and decor but also on competent lighting design. This direction is characterized by warm and at the same time quite natural Country style lighting.

Do not disturb the comfort and harmony of bright and annoying lighting. The interior may have several lighting sources at once, but they should provide a uniform and unobtrusive light.

With the help of country style lamps, you can not only emphasize the General idea of the design but also highlight functional areas or place accents. In the interior at the same time, you can combine light with different degrees of intensity. This light design enhances the effect of a country house with a well-lit center of the room and secluded corners, immersed in semi-darkness.

Country style Ceiling lights are a relatively new source of lighting for country style. Initially, homes used gas lamps, which were most often either table or wall-mounted. Scientific progress has made adjustments to the lighting design and ceiling lamps have appeared in the interiors.

Country style Ceiling lights

In order to recreate the country style in a room, you do not need to thoroughly copy all the features of the style. Distinctive features of this direction can be brought with the help of a wrought-iron country style light fixture with lamps that imitate candles. This model will be perfectly combined with the beams on the ceiling and a large stone fireplace.

country style chandelier

Crystal country style chandeliers, give the dining room a special, incomparable atmosphere.

Laconic and accentuated primitive country style pendant lights are well suited for interior design. Several identical models arranged in a row serve as an excellent source of illumination. They are able to neatly complement the rustic design, without distracting attention from the overall design. This option is perfect for those who choose a minimum of details to achieve the best result.

Country style floor lamps and country style table lamps are best used to illuminate various functional areas. They are mostly required in the recreation area, which is most often arranged in the far corner of the room. 

Country style floor lamps can have both a classic appearance and a very original design.

Country style floor lamps

Country style table lamps will adorn the bedside table in a modern bedroom, add charm to a vintage interior and bring charm to the austere environment of a classic office.

Country style table lamps

Country style furniture:

Solid wood furniture is used in the country style. It often has forged elements. Cabinet furniture is sometimes artificially aged, decorated with decoupage or craquelure. Country style sofa and chairs are often upholstered in natural knitwear, less often in leather.

Along with solid wooden furniture, wicker furniture can also be used.

Chests of drawers, bookcases, and Ottomans complement the furniture equipment of the interior. All furniture has a rustic look, often even rough, and its arrangement is often devoid of symmetry.

A country style wine rack, as well as a fireplace, are mandatory attributes of country style.

country style bedroom furniture

A country style bedroom sets you up for relaxation, this should be facilitated by the atmosphere of the surrounding space. The country style beds are better to choose a large size with a massive carved headboard or forged metal frame. In the corner, you can put a wicker chair or a pair of rattan country style chairs.

Country style bedding: To ensure harmony in the bedroom, you need to choose an elegant country style comforter sets and suitable pillows for the style.

Bed linen should be chosen in light pastel colors and must be made of natural fabrics.

country style living room furniture:

The country-style living room

The country-style living room is the center of the apartment, where the owners spend a lot of time. It should be comfortable and practical. Do not overload it with a large amount of equipment. Soft leather chairs and a sofa in warm colors are arranged asymmetrically. A country style coffee table with a wood or ceramic mosaic surface can be placed in front of the chairs.

Country style dining room

In the kitchen, the Central element is the kitchen set. It should be made of solid wood or imitate it as much as possible. It is better to give preference to beige or brown colors and their shades.

Most often, the French country (Provence) is chosen for kitchen decoration. It is characterized by light and clear forms of wood in light colors.

To finish the kitchen in country style, choose ceramic tiles, wood panels, natural stone. The country style kitchen sink has clear shapes, often in dark natural colors. A large table with a round top should be placed in the dining area, and wooden country style dining chairs should be placed around it. 

Complete the design of the country style dining set, paintings on the walls, napkins, tablecloths, flowers on the windowsills.

Country style bathrooms

Bathroom furniture should be simple and concise. Given that this room is high humidity, the wood is treated with a moisture-resistant varnish. The classic design is considered to be the choice of light, almost white breeds. Gloss is highly undesirable. All surfaces must be Matt. It is good if they are scuffed, scratched, or chipped. A country style bathroom vanity will perfectly complement the interior of the bathroom.

Country-style textiles

The beauty and naturalness of the country interior are also emphasized by the textile design. Tablecloths, carpets, bedspreads, and curtains are selected for each room. Curtains are chosen simple, often devoid of a bright print, many folds, ruffles, and lambrequins. The pattern on textiles should be the same (on curtains, tablecloths, upholstery of chairs and furniture). The colors of curtains and other textiles are usually cheerful and light.

Country-style decor

Decor elements help to fully reflect the country style. It can be quiet paintings, forged metal stands, figurines, old photos, wooden, wall or floor clocks, ceramic dishes on shelves, and pillows on the sofa or armchairs. Hand-made, embroidery, and patchwork bedspreads will make the interior even more unique.

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