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Georgian interior design

In our time, the basis of the English style, which is now so popular, is the Georgian style. It is distinguished by an absolute combination of symmetry, harmony, and proportions. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

Georgian interior design
Georgian interior design

So, the Georgian style appeared during the reign of George Ⅰ and since then it has enjoyed stable popularity. Travelers, visiting different countries, brought to England new-fangled trends based on classicism. In consequence of these currents was used extensively in architecture and interiors.

As a result, the classicism style was strongly mixed with the Rococo style and this was the reason for the emergence of a new fashion trend. So, the classic style is symmetry and restraint, which slightly “dampened” the exuberance of Rococo – it, in turn, became a symbol of spirituality and freedom. And it is this style direction called Georgian, which also is impregnated with Chinese Gothic.

In General, we can conclude that the Georgian style is the embodiment of practicality, in which special attention was paid to fireplaces and Windows. The fireplace is the old days were supposed to fill the house with warmth, and the Windows with natural light.


Georgian home design

Scale and proportion in interior design:

The Georgian style is characterized by symmetry. Even elements such as chimneys and borders are designed in pairs and arranged strictly symmetrically. The facade of Georgian houses was usually laid out with red flat bricks. However, American developers, unlike the English, used for the cladding of multi-colored face brick and wood. The buildings were decorated with ornaments covered with white plaster. Such an ornament could be made in the form of pilasters or arches. Special decorative detail was the entrance doors, which could be almost any color. The entrance group of rooms was often decorated with a massive colonnade. The Georgian style is still considered the Golden age of decorative and furniture production. Then, as now, marble was often used in the finishing process, and the Windows were decorated with carved shutters. The ceilings were necessarily finished with stucco, and the walls were covered with natural wood paneling. Although English practicality does not indicate that the Georgian style should carry only utility.

Those who want to arrange their housing in the Georgian style, you should follow some important rules. It is worth noting that thanks to modern materials, the implementation of the Georgian style in the interior will not cost as much money as in the old days.

Georgian landscape design

Georgian style homes interior

Wall decoration: In the classic version of the decoration, the walls were visually divided into three sections, where the lower section (the plinth) was covered with wooden panels. The middle part was often draped with fabric (silk, damask), and the upper part was finished with a ceiling frieze.


Now, the walls can be completely covered with suitable style Wallpaper. And to divide the walls into sections, you can use wooden or polyurethane moldings, cornices are used under the ceiling.

The color palette in a Georgian style

In Georgian interior designs, colors are widely used: light green, gray, beige or grayish-white, light brown, pale pink, and gray-green. Panels are painted in dark tones or wood, imitating the drawing of valuable wood species.

Paints, then, were made based on lead and used inside the house for decoration, and outside for protection. Now, all colors cost almost the same, and in the era of George I, a brighter shade could cost three times more than a faded one! Therefore, bright colors were used very sparingly. Although over time, they began to use more and more saturated-yellow, blue and pink. In large and presentable halls, gilding was used in abundance.

The floor in a Georgian style

A typical Georgian-style floor — wooden planks, polished with wax or parquet. Often, the floors were laid with a good Eastern or English carpet.

As for the kitchen and bathroom, it was considered more appropriate to use marble or terracotta tiles, as an option in a staggered order, or completely light (beige). Today, the floor can be decorated with linoleum or laminate.

Georgian style furniture

All Furniture in Georgian style corresponds to the style and material of the upholstery. As the material for the upholstery was popular: velvet, brocade, silk, chintz, and tapestry. Now, you can find and buy furniture from that period, but it will not be cheap. Do not force the room with furniture, free space should be enough. In the interior, a chair with armrests or a wicker chair with a pillow that is fixed in place with bows will look good. At the same time, it is desirable to place all the furniture along the walls.

Georgian style interior design implies the presence of a fireplace in the living room with an exquisite marble finish, in the spirit of the classics. Without it, you will not be able to create the right atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. Near the fireplace, there is always a soft, comfortable chair with high arms and an Ottoman.

Georgian interior design ideas and styles

For window design, it is more appropriate to choose rolled curtains, which must be supplemented with a lambrequin. In a modern interior design in Georgian style, lighting devices must also be made in the appropriate style – in the form of candles.

Also, the interior must have mirrors, silhouettes in black frames, as well as various decorative panels made of plaster. At the same time, all decor items in the interior must be placed strictly symmetrically.

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