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 «Girly girl room»

A girl’s room is a small work of art that emphasizes your child’s individuality and their desire for beauty. Therefore, parents should think carefully about the repair of the room and try to make it not only as comfortable as possible but also beautiful, able to form the girl’s worldview and her sense of beauty. In this article, we offer to consider the design ideas of a child’s room for a girl, which will help you decide on the future interior of the room.

Nursery room ideas for girl 

Fashionable color combinations in the design of a child’s room for a girl.

The overall appearance of the room and its atmosphere depends on the correct selection of shades. After all, thanks to soft tones, you can create a soft, relaxing environment, and with the help of contrasting transitions-it is profitable to highlight important interior items. Let’s study a few popular techniques.

Apricot and cream colors in the girl’s room:

Juicy apricot tones are harmoniously combined with a delicate beige and cream palette and create an optimistic and joyful mood.

Blue room for girl:

Psychological effects: shades of blue tend to calm, lower blood pressure, reduce appetite, restore strength and at the same time refresh and put thoughts in order, promote concentration.

Recommended for: especially useful in the rooms of hyperactive children who lack concentration and perseverance, for example, during home classes.

Features of interaction with space: curtains, cabinets, tables, chests of drawers and beds painted in blue seem a little heavier and more monumental than they are. Also, it may seem that the blue furniture, as well as the walls, floors, and ceilings, are a little further away as if they are pushed back. Another important property is the ability to refresh the interior, bring a sense of coolness to it, and balance the warm colors.

Especially suitable for: decoration of rooms with Windows facing South, as well as for the design of the sleeping and study areas in the children’s room.

Features of interaction with other colors: combines with all colors of the rainbow – all warm shades, neutral green colors, achromatic colors-white, gray and black-and with all “relatives” – purple, lilac, blue and turquoise.

Green, blue and beige in the interior of the nursery:

If you want to design a room in neutral beige tones, but do not want to get a faceless room with mediocre design, add notes of contrast and joy in the form of soft blue and light green shades. These colors are perfectly combined and stand out juicily against a beige background.

Mint and orange colors in the girl’s room:

For an active, sociable child, we recommend a pleasing design of the children’s room in the neoclassical style with bright accents. You can bring a modern interior design idea to life with the help of turquoise and orange tones, compared with each other in furniture, textiles and decor items.

Furniture for girl room

If the area of the room for a girl is small, a convenient solution is to use tiered furniture in the interior, for example, an attic bed. Under the bed can be a table or shelves for personal items, books, toys. In a large room, you can put a bed on the podium, thereby highlighting the sleeping area in the interior of the children’s room as a separate one.

The bed can be decorated with a canopy made of light fabrics with beautiful ruffles, bows or embroidery. A small corner sofa with a floor lamp or top lighting can act as a reading corner.

You will also need a spacious wardrobe. The interior of large children’s rooms can easily fit a large wardrobe. In a small area, you can use a corner model or a compact chest of drawers.

If the girl is small, a good purchase will be a small table for creativity, Board games or doll tea parties.

For the baby to get used to ordering from childhood, you need to equip the room with places to store toys, such as special baskets, boxes or cabinets.

Usually, girls are more diligent than boys, but it is also useful for girls to spread the area for games and study as far as possible from each other. It is ideal when they are separated by a bed.

It is also important to ensure good lighting, the lamps should not be too dim — this will spoil the child’s vision.

Girl room lighting

There should be enough daylight in the nursery. This is a necessary condition for maintaining the child’s vital tone and good mood. Great if the Windows face East or South-East. In this case, natural light will be sufficient. These photos show that the children’s rooms are flooded with light. And this makes the entire interior look more comfortable and joyful.

Chandelier for baby girl room

A competent approach to the issue of lighting in the children’s room is the key to its successful solution. The main rule is that the light should be pleasant to the eyes.

Think about the location of lighting devices so that the light evenly fills the room. Try to avoid dark shadows and high-contrast transitions.

The main light source in the children’s room can be a Central chandelier. You must have a table lamp in the workplace. As light accents, you can use built-in spots on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Lighting in the nursery should be diverse. Not superfluous will be various sconces, floor lamps, table lamps. However, avoid lamps that give a greenish, pale blue, or blinding white light. You can use devices with a warm glow type. This is a nice soft light (yellow).

Use the garland as a decorative element. Place it by the window or by the bed to fill the nursery with special comfort in the evening hours. It is also a great alternative to a night light.

Original textiles in the interior of a child’s room for a girl

Textiles in the room are not less important than the furniture. Without them, the room will seem standard and uncomfortable. Therefore, let’s consider several variants of textiles used in the design of a child’s room for a girl.

Curtains for little girl room 

Curtains in the nursery for a girl — this is one of the most important accents. They are designed to protect from the sun, but modern models can be safely called design masterpieces.

To understand what model of curtains you will need in the nursery for a girl, you should pay attention to the location of the room. First of all, the curtains are designed to protect from bright sunlight, which is especially disturbing in the early morning on the Eastern side. For such rooms, it is better to choose the densest materials or create multi-layer structures.

For a darkened room will be enough tulle, which will be more of a fashionable addition to the interior. Next, you should decide on the type of curtains, having studied in detail the advantages of each of them.

  • Classic straight curtains do not have additional designs. They are attached near the ceiling and when closed can be up to the floor or window sill, as well as have an average length. A child will not be able to open them at any age. Also, there is a possibility to damage the mount during outdoor games and be under a fallen piece of heavy fabric.

To protect the girl, it is better to choose straight curtains made of light materials that do not reach the floor — it is difficult to step on them and drop them. Straight curtains for girls can be tied with original hooks made in the form of soft toys or any other decorative elements. They can be made of heavy materials (wool, jacquard, brocade, and tapestry), airy silk and even translucent tulle. All of them will look great if you correctly include them in the overall style of the room.

  • Roll-up curtains: This is a simple and practical option. They are represented by an even piece of fabric, which is open form completely covers the window and often reaches to the window sill. In their upper part, there is a mechanism that twists the fabric on the base in the form of a roll, if you pull the string. When exposed to its opposite edge, the roll begins to unwind again, turning into a stylish curtain. Roll-up curtains are smooth, they can not be decorated with voluminous applications — they will interfere with the operation of the mechanism. However, you can initially choose a brighter version with a print or attractive colors that will fit the overall style of the bedroom for a girl.
  • Roman blind: These products are perfect for girls of any age, as well as for Sunny and darkened rooms. These models are distinguished by the presence of a mechanism that resembles a system of roller blinds or blinds. The fabric is completely flat, and on its inner side, a certain way held a cord that collects the curtain in symmetrical folds. They can be classic (with straight, even folds), as well as European, which is collected more gently.

  • Blinds and their advantages: Blinds in 2020 are not just white horizontal plastic strips that rise if you pull a string. Now they are made of a variety of materials, including expensive fabrics. Horizontal blinds, indeed, are more often rigid, but they are excellent protection from the sun. This is a budget option, easy and convenient, which is perfect for both preschool girls and teenagers.

Сarpet for girl room

A carpet in a girl’s room must meet certain requirements and perform several functions:

the main task of this product is to warm the floor: your girl should be warm to walk on it;

it makes the floor softer, thus preventing bruises that your child can get when actively playing;

this product will not allow your girl’s feet to slide, protecting her from falls;

carpet in the nursery is noise insulation: it reduces the acoustics of the room, prevents the penetration of sound into the room, which is located under the nursery;

this product adds warmth and comfort to the interior (without it, the design of the nursery seems incomplete).

The materials used to make modern carpets for children’s rooms are divided into several types:

Wool. This material is warm and pleasant to the touch, but often a product made of wool fibers causes a child to have an Allergy. Therefore, wool carpets are not often found in children’s rooms, especially if the owner is still a baby.

Polyester. The most common raw material for use as a floor covering. The material is durable, easy to care for, and has mostly bright and original colors. A product made of this material can have different density, softness, and pile length. A variety of models of carpets made from polyester material makes this a priority in the choice for a child’s room girls.

Cotton, silk, linen. Carpets made of these natural materials are pleasant to the touch but quite capricious in care and short-lived. They can not be cleaned with chemicals, they may lose their appearance or lose their shape. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them in a girl’s room, especially a small one. They are difficult to clean, for example, from spilled juice or paint.

Foamed polyethylene. Recently, quite popular carpets for children from this material. They moved to the shelter from tourists who have long used cold foam to insulate the floor in the tent. In the girl’s nursery, mats made of foamed polyethylene can take on two functions at once: floor insulation and its softening. The modern industry offers a huge selection of interesting shapes and colors of carpets made of this material. They are easy to wash, they are excellent at transferring increased moisture.

Сarpet with applique:

A well-chosen carpet with an application will bring a touch of cheerfulness to any room. Its color combination with other textiles will create a unique style and color in the room.

Round rugs for baby girl room:

In contrast to its traditional rectangular counterparts, around artificial fur product does not give the room strictness and excessive geometrically. On the contrary, its use in interior design allows you to smooth out all the sharp corners as much as possible and turn the nursery into a model of calm and sweet home comfort.

pink rug for girl room is a very good idea:

Girl room wall decorations

Children’s preferences change quickly, and making repairs every couple of years is troublesome and expensive. In this case, a great option is a plain interior, which can be quickly and easily supplemented with stickers, posters, and other improvised means.

  • Stickers in two accounts will transform boring plain walls. Stickers are easy to use and are great material for converting space. If you attract a child to the choice of stickers, and even more so, you will glue the stickers together, then the room will become even more familiar to them. Stickers are easy to stick on the wall and also easy to remove from it. The surface will not be affected. It is easy to zone a room with stickers. For example, select the area of the baby’s crib or play area. As the child grows and changes his interests, it is easy to change the stickers to more suitable ones, since their choice is very wide. You can also use stickers to disguise your child’s art. Stickers are not afraid of moisture, they can be glued even on the tiles in the bathroom, you can wipe with a damp cloth.

Choose the decor taking into account the taste preferences of the child, his characteristics, because this contributes to the formation of personality.

  • Self-adhesive Wallpaper is a cross between the usual Wallpaper and stickers. Self-adhesive Wallpaper does not need to smear with glue, just peel off the base, exposing the adhesive side of the Wallpaper, lean them against the wall and smooth. No need to start a big renovation. You can update the wall with self-adhesive Wallpaper in just a couple of hours. This method is very popular in the West, we are still gaining momentum. Using self-adhesive Wallpaper, you can quickly design an accent wall.
  • Posters. In modern design, posters are in good standing. You can decorate the space with one large image or create a composition of small ones. They are successfully combined with stickers and photo Wallpapers. Posters are easy to replace as the child grows. Make sure that the decor, including posters, fits into the overall environment in style and color. Finding a successful combination, you will achieve a unique design project.
  • Stencils: Not many people will dare to draw on the walls. Then to help in addition to the above stickers and posters come stencils. With them, you can easily and quickly apply the desired simple drawing. Stencils can be made independently or purchased. Tip: before finishing painting, practice on paper. This is not a difficult task, but you still need to get used to it, so that there are no smudges and the drawing turns out neat.
Girl room accessories

A variety of “girly” accessories – soft toys, bright Ottomans, a vase of flowers, photos, posters with your favorite idols, as well as hand-made crafts-will help to enliven the children’s room. If children are small, you can use bright vinyl stickers for decoration, which are easy to change with the growth of children.

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