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Mexican interiors design

Mexican interior design is a colorful color scheme, an abundance of light, a palette of colors of the local flora, bright decor elements and accessories, national color throughout.

His incredibly cheerful style originated in the time of the Toltec Indians, the ancestors of the Mexican. Toltec culture is still visible in the interior of the Mexican. Wild, unbridled colors, all sorts of cacti, hot peppers, Raster ornaments, bright stripes, rugs, an abundance of natural materials. Beams, through walls, a riot of colors, all this is imbued with unbridled energy and hot sun.

Mexican style homes

In the architecture of Mexico, form and color are inseparable. Mexican architects easily create a subtle game of color space and volume. Harmonious courtyards, massive columns, richly decorated interiors, and sonorous colors still inspire architects and designers. All this is perceived only taking into account the sunlight, the architectural space itself does not mean anything.

The style of Mexican architecture is inextricably linked with nature. Just as the very popular bright red pigment here is made from oil and local clay. The characteristic palette is strong and bright colors borrowed from the sky, moon, and sun, as well as in the palette you can find the colors of various plants, trees, and flowers.

In modern interiors, the Mexican palette is closely linked to the overall architectural design. Given the hot climate in these places, the line between the room and the open air, between artificial and natural lighting, is blurred. The hosts receive guests in courtyards under an overhanging roof, and everyone can see the open space.

In Mexican architecture, an important role is assigned to the flora: shady palms create whimsical ornaments of shadows and grace of tones not only on the facade of the building but also in the interior. Fine fabrics, pottery, and fine furniture made by local craftsmen are rich in color, rich in texture, and diverse, as is the palette of colors of the local flora. Typical combinations of colors for Mexico interior design (pink and orange, blue, and green) would seem to cut the eye but are closely connected with the drama of the overall architectural design.

Features of the Mexican style in the interior

Everyone knows that Latin Americans are very cheerful, energetic, full of life, and passionate people. It is not surprising that this is reflected in the way they set up their homes. They are filled with bright colors, ornaments and accessories, and with them-a cheerful and playful atmosphere. All this may shock the uninitiated, but this is a special power. Mexico is a real find in the field of cottage construction. First, here you can afford much more than a permanent residence, and secondly, a house of this type is much easier to adjust to exotic principles.

Mexican color palette

Bright juicy colors are the first and probably the main feature of the Mexican style.

Let’s divide the Mexican interior into color palettes, we will have a clearer idea of the colors used in the interior.

The most typical colors are:

  • pink;
  • orange;
  • terracotta;
  • blue and light blue;
  • yellow.

Purple, lilac, green, and red are used a little less often. Furniture and finishes are usually brown.

The Mexican style is characterized by the lightness in a combination of different shades. Rooms can be completely different colors: pink, orange, blue, green, etc., and all this extravaganza under the roof of one house. There are no clear frames for color combinations — the main thing is to achieve maximum brightness.

Mexicans are real experimenters in terms of color. They consider it acceptable to use different colors in neighboring rooms. They often play on contrasts.

Mexican style lighting

Mexican light fixtures do not have pronounced ethnic features unless they are Souvenirs. Mexican lamp in the colonial style. They can be forged, ceramic or colored glass.

Mexican-style wall, floor, and ceiling decoration

Decorative colored plaster is an ideal option for wall decoration in a Mexican interior. Characteristic textured walls will set the atmosphere well. Usually, the walls are bright and have an unusual texture. Textured painted Wallpaper is also suitable for painting. Some walls can be highlighted with Wallpaper in stripes of different colors.

The ceiling can be decorated with decorative dark beams if desired.

Mexican tiles with traditional Mexican patterns are ideal for the floor. As a rule, large terracotta tiles are used for the floor, but they are often combined with Mexican style tile decor.

These bright Mexican tile decors are used for facing various projections, ends, steps, as well as for forming borders and decorating fireplaces. This tile is also decorated with openings, especially arched ones. It can also be used to frame mirrors, paintings, and any other items.

Mexican kitchen design is impossible to imagine without bright ceramic tiles with ornaments and decorations used to create an apron.

Dark wood or laminate flooring will also have to face Latin American design. Striped Mexican style rugs will look good on top of the floor covering.

Mexican style furniture

The ideal material is simple wood. Of course, you need to paint the furniture in suitable catchy, rich colors. Painted Mexican furniture will fit perfectly into the interior. Especially strongly emphasized Mexican interior wicker items. And if you do not want to change the usual soft sofas and armchairs, it is better to buy those that are upholstered in leather or fabric. Tables, cabinets, and dressers can be decorated with decorative tiles. The kitchen will also have wrought-iron chairs.

Modern Mexican decor

Textiles in the Mexican style are very bright. Multi-colored stripes and ornaments on fabrics are everywhere found. Bedspreads, pillows, and napkins are scattered everywhere. The kitchen will never do without a bright, elegant tablecloth. The kitchen is decorated with all kinds of pottery. Colorful vases, jugs, plates-all this makes the Mexican interior even more bright and original.

On the walls of the Mexican style kitchen, you can often see beautiful decorative plates painted with national Mexican ornaments.

At first glance, this interior will seem strange to you, without a common idea in style and clear, directed borders, but even it has its beauty, its national charm, bright and passionate people. Do not be afraid to overdo the details – even such garish symbols of Mexico as a sombrero, a bunch of dry hot pepper, or a themed guitar will look very harmonious. In many ways, Latin Americans borrowed the style of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilizations, so such topics are also welcome. A special chic will be the addition of paintings by South American artists, such as Jose Orozco and Diego Rivera. Their stories will emphasize the Mexican interior, put the finishing touches, and set the most subtle aspects of the atmosphere.

Mexican kitchen design

Wooden sets and kitchen cabinets, apron in the form of panels of ceramic tiles, patterned floor, and pottery are the main trends in creating Mexican cuisine. We will add that table accessory, pots, vases, plates are always placed on open shelves and racks, and household appliances are built-in and hidden behind the facades of furniture.

Lighting-built-in lamps and hanging lamps, dining table, and chairs-wooden.

Mexican style bedroom

Since the design of the bedroom in the Mexican style involves the use of wood, it is better to fix decorative wooden beams on the ceiling. The floor can be covered with tiles, solid boards, or heat-treated wood. In the case of tiles, it is better to prefer models with Mexican ornaments. Tile shades may vary depending on the overall design of the room, ranging from light tones to rich orange colors. Walls can be covered with decorative plaster, liquid Wallpaper, or simple Wallpaper for painting, with a pronounced texture. If the choice fell on a simple Wallpaper, they can be covered with peach-colored paint, and at the final stage, stick decorative stickers with images of cacti, and with certain creative abilities, you can independently depict a colorful ornament. Mexican style bedding should be bright. In General, thanks to all sorts of patterns, the Mexican bedroom justifies its name, so you should not neglect the ornament!

Mexican style bathroom

Features of bathroom design-sinks and bathtubs with ornaments, unusual mirror shapes, the presence of living plants, a combination of yellow and blue shades on the floor, and walls. But the countertops of washbasins and shelves are usually made of wood.

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