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New Classical Interior Design


Its philosophy is based on elevating the art of building to the art of architecture. Its beauty is derived from the traditional forms that have always been its vehicles. New Classical architects have an awareness of sustainability and design to create long-lasting, well-crafted buildings of great quality with respect to natural resources and the environment.

Timeless Interior Design

Сlassical interiors never go out of style inspired by Renaissance Roccoco, Baroque and neoclassical periods. The classic style is an example of the sustainability of interior design. Communicating extravagant luxury, comfort, and elegance is timeless; who wouldn’t want their home to feel like a royal palace? Follow our guide to learn about what you need to do to achieve New Classical Design in your home.

When you look back into history at those who could afford to put thought into the design of their interiors, you will find ornate, detail-rich rooms with undeniable charm and grace. While the two periods feature some key differences in the moods they create, their general color schemes and their levels of decoration, they are still both in the realm of renaissance design and differ greatly from the interior design styles of today.

Following the true classical era came the Neoclassical period (19th and 18th c.) where the idea was to simplify the Baroque and Rococo styles and today, the contemporary term for the continuation of the classical tradition is ‘New Classical’ design (20th– 21st c.). We find the ambiance of those times extremely charming, most people would not want to decorate their apartments in true renaissance style, but rather to simply allude to the idea of those times with a newer Classical style.

 Neoclassical Interior Design

Elegant, timeless and luxurious, the neoclassical interior design is all about melding tradition with modern, contemporary pieces for an interior that will seriously impress.

To decorate in a neoclassic style, we recommend:

  1. Stick with a color scheme: neoclassicism interior design is all about muted colors.
  2. Accessories: Neoclassicism is all about refined luxury– with some seriously over-the-top finishing touches.
  3. Pair like with like: When decorating in a neoclassical style, make sure to stay within the theme, but ensure there’s a point of difference with every piece.


The Fundamentals of New Classic interior Design

Even if our homes aren’t quite as extravagant and overflowing with luxurious details, we can still communicate the feeling of a renaissance interior by following the 3 principles of Classic Design– balance, order, and harmony.

Balance in interior design

Start by thinking about room highlights and focal points differently; these are what you create symmetry around, meaning they should be. If you have a big mirror at one end of the room, you might hang another at the other end, or a sofa might be facing another sofa like a sort of mirror. This can also be done in a less literal way by simply paying attention to the ‘weight’ of design elements on either side of the room.

One thing to avoid doing is simply lining your furniture up against the walls of a room as this makes it difficult to achieve symmetry.

Harmony interior design

Harmony refers to having a consistent style and mood throughout a space. This means that you should carry the style, or at least key elements of it like the wallpaper, throughout your home– each room should not have a different style. You might be surprised about the positive effects the feeling of harmony can have on your mood!

Order in interior design

What is also important though, is that even with all of this detail, we don’t let the feeling get cluttered or too messy. Order means that we don’t just fill our space with cluttered ornaments, but rather that everything has a ‘home’ and brings something to the feeling of the space on its own.

Applying New Classic Design in Your Home
neoclassicism interior design

If you aren’t going for a full renaissance look, but rather a classically influenced home with touches of modernity, the trick is to pick a dominant style. To glow with the grandeur of the renaissance times, make the classical side what is dominant.

To Summarize:

New Classical Design transcends trendiness and never goes out of style

New Classical Design is the modern interpretation of classical interiors from the renaissance times like Baroque and Rococo

Pay attention to harmony, order, and balance to achieve a classically inspired look

It is ok to mix new with old– just pick a dominant style!

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