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The fashion for Scandinavian style has been going on for years. It is valued for its timeless character, for the fact that it never becomes outdated and always looks fresh and relevant.
Minimalism, practicality, thoughtfulness of planning, and naturalness of finishing – these are the priority features of the design in the Scandinavian style.

The color scheme in the interior

Traditional Scandinavian style has absorbed not only the traditions of Sweden but also the geographical and climatic features of this country. Therefore, it is characterized by natural shades that resemble Northern nature.
The base colors are black, white, and gray.yellow, red, blue, or green are often used as accents.

White is the main color of Scandinavian interiors, and this is no coincidence. It combines all parts of the interior into a single whole, hides inconsistencies, and, most importantly, repeatedly reflects the sun’s rays, filling the room with light, which is so lacking in the Nordic countries. Recently, the alternative to white is also gray and shades. Gray is quite versatile: depending on the tone, it can make the space more calm and refined, or, on the contrary, more dramatic. To dilute the light tones, bright accents are used in the interior design. Contrasting chairs, lamps, carpets, paintings, live or decorative flowers will add color to the overall picture. Bright colors have always been appreciated by residents of the Northern regions. They allow you to cope with the gloom and greyness in the winter season. Wooden surfaces perfectly fit into the contrast of white with bright accents. It is the wood that gives the Scandinavian interior warmth and natural harmony. Checkered and striped pillows, tablecloths, and other elements are an integral part of the traditional Swedish style. Scandinavian style bedding can also be made in the Gustavian style or have a floral ornament.

Materials and finishes in the Scandinavian style

Both the tones and the texture of the finishing materials in the Scandinavian interior have a pleasant texture. The overall calm hue and matted surfaces create a pleasant tactile sensation. Eco-friendliness of materials is one of the important points in interior design in the Scandinavian style. The natural origin of furniture, textiles, and accessories is put at the top of priorities. When using metal (door handles, chandeliers, kitchen, and shower accessories), preference is given to aluminum. Thanks to its matte finish, it fits very harmoniously into the overall picture of the interior.

Scandinavian wall decor

The walls are covered with decorative plaster, or painted. The colors of the walls are usually calm-beige, light blue, light green, gray. An interesting effect is given by wall cladding with natural stone or wood panels. This method will help in zoning space. If the walls are made of brick, they can be painted white. This technique looks good along with massive wooden furniture. Wallpaper is very rare. This is due to climatic conditions, in which the paper quickly gets wet and peels off the walls.

Scandinavian ceiling design

The Scandinavian-style ceiling is designed to emphasize the feeling of airiness and lightness of space. Smooth, bright ceilings allow you to achieve this effect. Whitewashed or painted ceilings will look the most authentic, and stretch ceilings can also be used, but they must be Matt.

Scandinavian floor design

The Scandinavian-style floor also has light tones. For decoration, parquet, parquet Board, or laminate are more often used. The bathroom and bathroom are laid out with white or blue tiles, repeating the color accents on the walls or in the interior details. The floor can be decorated with fluffy single-color mats or paths with a bright geometric pattern.

Scandinavian modern furniture

Scandinavian furniture is practical and functional. Nothing extra, there should be a maximum of free space. Most often, furniture is made of light wood species (beech, birch, teak, sometimes pine, spruce). Scandinavian teak furniture is ideal for this interior. Scandinavian furniture material: sofas and armchairs should be upholstered with strong natural materials-cotton, linen, suede, rarely leather.
Scandinavian design chairs (Viennese chairs) standing around the dining table are a constant attribute of Scandinavian apartments. Built-in racks and shelves finished with wood or painted in bright colors, are perfect for storing various things. Usually, these racks are left open. Everything that needs to be hidden from prying eyes is placed in wicker baskets or boxes.

Upholstered furniture occupies a special place in the” Scandinavian ” interior. The colors are mostly calm, but you can play with bright accents by adding red, blue, or green Scandinavian design sofa to the interior.

Scandinavian-style lighting

Special attention is paid to large Windows and an abundance of lighting fixtures. The house should be filled with sunlight, so the Windows are often not decorated with curtains. If you want to decorate the window opening, make sure that the fabric is light and transparent. To preserve the overall style of housing, the window frames are made of natural wood, which can be painted white. Creative ideas can be safely implemented by placing light accents.

The Scandinavian style in the interior is characterized by the use of various light sources. The main lighting is always supplemented with functional light – these are working lamps, soffits, and embedded light. Bright floor lamps, lamps, and colorful lamps in various colors and textures – this is the highlight that characterizes the house in the Scandinavian style.
To create comfort and good mood, you can decorate furniture and walls with decorative lamps with beautiful lampshades, garlands, candles.

The Scandinavian decor on a budget

The minimalistic Northern interior will never seem boring and monotonous thanks to well-placed accents in the form of accessories and decor:

  • marine-themed decor-shells, “anchors”, decorative pillows with the image of fish and underwater inhabitants;
  • things made with your own hands that relate to folk crafts – wicker baskets, ceramic dishes-all this decorates the interior and gives it even more comfort;
  • An abundance of textiles of different textures and shades: wool blankets and bedspreads, multi-layer furniture upholstery and fur rugs make the house warm;
  • Glazed white ceramics are a favorite decoration of kitchens and living rooms. Plates, cups, dishes, vases take pride of place in the Northern interior;
  • Home mini-greenhouses, displayed in several tiers, will always lift the mood, filling the house with the living energy of plants.

Scandinavian style bedroom

The bedroom should create a sense of comfort. You need to create a Scandinavian bedroom interior where you can relax, fall into a healthy sleep, and feel at peace.

The wall at the head of the bed can be finished with wood, and the rest – covered with decorative plaster of pastel color.
Leave the ceiling white.
On the floor-parquet or laminate.
Choose the color, taking into account the same factors as when choosing the floor for the living room.
In the area of the bed lay a fuzzy carpet or animal skin.

Scandinavian bedroom furniture

Scandinavian design bed: Place a rectangular double bed with or without a minimum low headboard.
On the sides of the bed – two laconic light-colored cabinets, on which there are small lamps with frosted, white glass.
Clothes and other things are best stored in a dressing room or a closet with light, hinged doors.
Scandinavian style in the bedroom interior will emphasize the right textiles-put a cotton bedspread cream or slightly pinkish color on the bed. The bed can be decorated with decorative pillows in brighter colors.

A central chandelier made of crystal is suitable for the design of a bedroom in the Scandinavian style. You can also use a floor lamp with a light-colored lampshade.

Scandinavian bathroom design

The Scandinavian bathroom design should embody the freshness and cleanliness of the Northern region. In it, a person should feel a surge of strength and energy every day.

Therefore, the interior of the bath in the Scandinavian style should be decorated using cold sea tones and, of course, white.

You will not lose if you make the walls white, and one of them, as well as the floor, will finish with a material of blue color.
An interesting accent of the Scandinavian bathroom interior can be a shower curtain with a print of the sea depths.
You can complement the Scandinavian design of the bathroom with a mirror, which is flanked by wall lamps with shades in the form of ice.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

The Scandinavian interior of the kitchen, like other rooms, embodies space, functionality, and restrained elegance.

Finish the walls, especially in the cooking area, should be white tiles.
In the dining area, they can be covered with light-colored plaster.
For the floor, tile, stone, or laminate will do.
The color of the floor is either cool colors or natural wood color.
To implement the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style, use Cabinet furniture in light colors, which will store kitchen items.
Choose a Scandinavian design dining table with a wooden surface and thin legs. Chairs are made of natural wood without massive legs and backs.

Central lighting in the form of several chandeliers with light-colored glass shades will complement the style design.

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