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Spanish interior design

Spanish style houses

Spanish architecture and interior design are striking in their beauty and originality. They have several characteristics that make them easy to identify and reproduce. These are the architectural elements that make housing unique. The Spanish style is both mundane and majestic. It emphasizes the connection between the natural world and the human world. The simplicity of natural materials is combined with the warmth of rich colors, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Spanish style roof

Easily identified and immediately associated with Spanish houses tile roof, which, however, is popular in other regions. It is especially appreciated by fans of rustic style. It gives the house a warm earthy look, often used to create asymmetries and patterns that are especially noticeable when facades are painted white or any other light color.

It is worth noting that not only for the roof is used ceramics. Floor tiles, pots, and other elements, large or small in the Spanish interior, clay is present everywhere. Its natural color brings warmth and, despite the imperfect colors, fills the house with comfort and coziness.

Spanish style front doors and Spanish style windows

Most Spanish houses and designs inspired by Mediterranean motifs are distinguished by the presence of elegant arches and smooth curves. These architectural elements can be called the main difference from the simple traditional design. The arched Spanish style front doors will make the first stunning impression, which will be enhanced by arched Spanish style windows.

Arches are an old architectural element that was originally associated with the Roman style. Arcades are a series of arches supported by columns. They make a huge impression due to their symmetry and elegance. They are used in the construction of covered terraces or patios, hallways, and passages.

Spanish style patio

One of the ancient Spanish traditions is the creation of small gardens in courtyards. The patio is a small oasis that is cool even in the hottest weather.

The patio includes:

  • small areas for recreation or household needs;
  • pool/fountain/pond;
  • the drainage system and vessels for the accumulation of rainwater, which is rare in the subtropics;
  • green areas in the form of a lawn or flower garden;
  • collections of plants, groups of trees or shrubs.

Often the patio area is paved with terracotta tiles or powerful cement slabs. A fountain is usually located in the center of the Spanish style patio.

Modern Spanish interior design

Spanish style interior design, like no other, can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The forged elements of furniture show a special grace, window bars, handrails of stairs-all this gives the interior a touch of romance and elegance. The Spanish style abounds in paintings, bright colors, ornaments, frescoes that remind us of the Renaissance, radiate inexhaustible energy.

Among all the varieties of Mediterranean variations of interior design, the Spanish style deserves special attention.

Even the most simple and poor Spanish apartments are filled with warmth and an atmosphere of home comfort. The colorful and original, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere is a mix of versatility, simplicity, and a riot of colors. Spanish style is very difficult to confuse with other areas of interior design.

Features of Spanish-style interiors

Spanish style decorating:

When decorating the interior, the main focus is on color contrasts, a combination of pastel tones as the main with colorful decorative elements.

The use of three-dimensional furniture made of natural materials, made with your own hands.

Volume ceiling finish.

The use of live national ornaments in textiles and an abundance of decor.

Although Spain is famous for its comfortable climate and the predominance of warm Sunny days, Spanish style fireplaces are often found in Spanish-style interiors. And they can look completely different.

Some designs are characterized by laconic fireplaces with plastered portals that flow smoothly into the wall. In other interiors, they are decorated with glazed tiles with Mediterranean ornaments.

Spanish style interior design is suitable for any room of the home, whether it is a kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Spanish style home decor

Sometimes seemingly insignificant touches in the form of decoration can have a big impact on the perception of the design as a whole. A real Spanish style decor is characterized by mixing different accessories in one interior. This can be forged products, ceramics, textiles with Mediterranean ornaments.

Use for interior decoration earthenware, suitable style paintings, and tapestries, floor vases, mirrors in original frames, live plants in pot-bellied tubs. And to complete the image of the Spanish house will help simple homespun rugs made of cotton.

Interior designs in Spanish style combine natural naturalness, simplicity, and organic design with a fine sense of taste and close attention to detail. In this direction, you can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Color accents in the interior

Do not forget that the Spanish interior is not an abundance of colorful spots, it is a competent combination of neutral pastel shades with individual bright elements. The color decor mainly consists of a palette of warm shades: yellow, red, orange, coffee, terracotta, wheat.

In order not to overload the interior, you need to correctly distribute contrasts, the simplicity of the main Spanish style should emphasize colorful motifs, and not look naked against the background of a riot of colors. In the bedroom, it is better to give preference to a restrained holiday, but in the kitchen, you can safely use contrasts and bright elements.

Spanish-style floor and ceiling

A special place in the Spanish style is occupied by the design of the floor and ceiling. Preference is given to the floor made of wood, so it harmonizes nicely with the rest of the interior and radiates warmth and comfort. An excellent addition will be Spanish style rugs that will emphasize the luxury of the wood floor and the overall decoration of the room.

Another successful solution is a ceramic or clay Spanish style floor tiles, it adds a kind of charm to the room. If you make a warm floor in the house, then it will be nice to walk barefoot on such tiles, imagining a warm sandy beach. Especially the tile floor will look good in the kitchen.

The Spanish style bathroom is almost always finished with ceramic tiles or colored mosaics. Spanish style tile walls charge with positive energy in the morning, and in the evening they are pleasant to the eye.

To decorate the ceiling, wood beams are used, and the passages between the rooms are given an arched shape. Often along the perimeter of the ceiling on the walls is a fancy painting that emphasizes the local color, and the kitchen is additionally used frescoes. Often you can see Spanish style ceiling fans on the ceilings.

Spanish style lighting

The Spanish style in the apartment interior requires good lighting with a warm spectrum. Spanish style chandeliers are used as the main lighting. For lighting design, lamps with forged bases are used, which successfully emphasizes the color of this direction. Ideally, if you choose models with imitation candles. In the Spanish style, stylized lamps with glass shades will be appropriate.

Spanish style furniture

Have you ever noticed that for interior design in the Spanish style prefer to use solid leather furniture and furniture made of dark wood? It’s all about contrast. Such items stand out favorably against the background of neutral plastered walls.

Spanish style living room

For a Spanish style living room interior, choose straight-backed leather chairs, heavy benches and chairs upholstered in natural cotton or linen, and open shelves where volumes of your favorite works will stand in straight rows.

Spanish style bedroom

For a Spanish bedroom interior, it is best to choose pastel, soft tones that will calm and set up relaxation. A light palette is used in shades of gray, beige, pearl, caramel, and muted emerald.

A bedroom imbued with the atmosphere of Spain is, first of all, a comfortable wooden or wrought-iron bed, optionally supplemented with a canopy of transparent tulle, Spanish style bedding, a soft bedside Ottoman, a low chest of drawers made of rosewood or teak.

Spanish kitchen design

Spaniards are very hospitable, so the interior of the kitchen or dining room is not complete without a massive Spanish style dining table, where the whole family gathers.

To recreate the Spanish style in the kitchen, play on contrasts-light walls are contrasted with a dark set, and large light Windows are framed by Spanish style curtains. The ideal materials for finishing will be stone, painted tiles, and mosaic elements on the walls.

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