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Vintage interior design

The word “vintage” has French roots and is translated as a refined, aged wine… When applied to interior design — it is a kind of mixture of ancient and modern styles, implying their harmonious interaction. The main rule of vintage interiors design — no-frills and maximum comfort.

Vintage: a history of style

As an interior style, vintage first appeared in America at the end of the last century. Its founder was Patrick Willis- an ambitious and talented architect.

The main idea of the vintage style is the unobtrusive introduction of vintage items and decor elements into the everyday interior. In fact, it is not far from classicism, with some shades of retro and Provence. But we cannot ignore the influence of modernity. Therefore, in the vintage design of the space, there is always a place for new, practical structures and materials.

Main features of a vintage interior: 

  • a combination of old and modern items; the simplicity of the interior;
  • some randomness, a slight disorder — a blanket thrown carelessly on the sofa, magazines left on the table, a basket with needlework;
  • a touch of romance;
  • floral subjects – on the Wallpaper, textiles; scuffs, barely discernible inscriptions on things, as if (or indeed) erased from time.

Antiques are an indispensable attribute of vintage style.

Another important feature that does not allow you to confuse the vintage style with the direction of retro or Provence, is its belonging to a certain era. This is exclusively the XIX-XX century.

Interior design in vintage style: 

When decorating a room in a vintage style, special attention should be paid to the materials and finishing.

Wall decoration in vintage style: 

The best material for wall decoration is Wallpaper. The wallpaper must be paper, with a small or large pattern. Floral and geometric patterns, always contrasting, look good in a vintage interior. You can choose Wallpaper in the Oriental style-Chinese or Japanese: butterflies, flowers, birds. However, if you plan to saturate the room with a lot of decorative details, it is better to choose plain Wallpaper for the walls, or just paint it in one of the pastel colors. As a finishing option, you can apply a rolling pattern to painted walls using a rubber roller with a convex pattern: by applying paint to it, you can transfer the ornament to the wall. You can also use stencils for this purpose.

Vintage-style ceiling decoration: 

Vintage-style ceiling decoration: It is better to paint the ceiling in white water-based paint. You can decorate the ceiling with stucco – just do not use plastic imitation, appropriate only gypsum rosette. Vintage style ceiling fans will fit perfectly into the interior. Important! Do not try to get rid of all the cracks on the surface of the ceiling, walls. This is vintage, and small irregularities, cracks will only emphasize the styling, the main thing is that there are not many of them, and they would not be very deep.

Vintage style floor decoration:

 For finishing the floor is not a suitable laminate, it is better to use a parquet or a normal wooden Board. This floor is suitable for the living room, bedroom, and other living rooms. Vintage look area rugs will create comfort in the living room. Linoleum is better used for the kitchen, hallway, bathroom. For these rooms, you can also use tile. The choice of materials for finishing a vintage interior will depend on what you decide to focus on. If the emphasis is on furniture, then the walls should be in a calm color scheme. If you want to create a bright environment for furniture, then you can choose Wallpaper with a bright ornament, adding a small number of details to the interior. Any finishing materials should be artificially aged to give the impression that they have experienced the test of time.

Vintage-style color palette

To create a vintage style in the room, quiet, unobtrusive colors are preferred: white, beige, ash-pink, pale blue, greenish, light brown. In such an interior, the presence of floral motifs is mandatory. Floral motifs can be on curtains, Wallpaper, bedspreads, napkins, or tablecloths.

The lighting in vintage style

Artificial lighting of the interior in the vintage style should not be too bright. A multi-level arrangement of sources of warm, diffused light is welcome. In addition to a chandelier with a spectacular fabric shade, it can be floor lamps with fringe or frills, antique table lamps, bronze, or copper lamps.

The furniture in vintage style

 Regardless of the main finish, the style can not be created without furniture. To match the vintage direction, it must be old-fashioned or stylized. It is not bad if there are traces of scuffs or small cracks that indicate the past. But at the same time, the furniture must remain strong and aesthetic.

The interior is appropriate:

  • high wardrobes;
  • sideboards with slightly chipped paint, scuffs;
  • wrought-iron furniture;
  • vintage leather office chair;
  • chests of drawers covered with patina;
  • low coffee tables on a copper frame and large wooden tables;
  • bookcases, carved shelves.

If the furniture is wooden, it may have traces of cracked varnish, and painted surfaces – cracks in the paint, scuffs.

Decorative elements in vintage style:

 The design of the room in the vintage style will be incomplete without the use of decorative elements. They should be carefully selected to avoid the feeling of an exhibition or just a clutter of space.

 The most common objects with matching vintage style: 

vintage watch; 

carved boxes;

a mirror in a carved frame;


 original candle holders; 

 embroidered tablecloths;

 crocheted napkins;

 gentle curtain with cutwork;

vintage round rug;


 copper statues; 

 black-and-white photographs in frames.

The most popular materials are copper, ceramics, and wood.

Vintage black and white bathroom ideas:

The vintage style includes a combination of luxury and antique finishes, combines retro and modern. If the tiles in a vintage bathroom are ordinary, then installing a vintage bath sconces, a small table, as well as an artificially aged Cabinet will help give the room a style. The floor should be made black, the ceiling-light, and the walls-combined. Usually, dark tiles cover the part of the wall where there is a mirror or bright light.

A tub with legs is one of the most striking elements of vintage style. The legs can be brass, bronze, with an aged effect, with gilding or just white. The bath can also be made of an unusual material, such as copper or brass. These materials most vividly reflect the retro style. A bathtub with legs will certainly make the interior of the room elegant and elegant. A gilded crystal chandelier is perfect for vintage bathroom lighting.

Creating a vintage interior in a modern apartment is exciting and interesting. The design will not take much time and will not require significant expenses, but you and your friends and family will have the opportunity to plunge into the past epochs, relax your soul from the reactive rhythm of modern life.

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